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Myself and my wife have pledged our lives to assist those that might be in financial distress through no fault of their own with an inability to afford food for their families with contributions of fresh processed, packaged and frozen meat protein.
We are always looking for more meat donations from hunters, trappers and cull hunts to process. So if you have issues with wild hogs and need them gone and would like to donate these animals to us please send us an e-mail or call us to arrange time and place to meet for pick up or drop off.
If the animals you would like to donate need to be erradicated or trapped we would be more than happy to do either, or both, depending on your preferance. We strive to be extreemly careful of the properties we access and we also choose to be good stewards to the landowner, removing any trash and or foriegn objects. We leave no sign of being there, with the exception of less hog damage and fewer wild pigs to deal with.
We will come pick up live animals that have been trapped and will handle the transfer from trap to trailer. If the animals have been harvested, we only request that they be washed thoroughly and field dressed and a bag of ice placed in the body cavity. We can accept no animal harvested by irresponsible means and no later than 24 hours after harvesting. Please do not contact us with a truckload of animals that have been blown apart or otherwise harvested. Please take your time and hit them in the head and save yourself and us the problems of dealing with unusable meat.
Once they have been processed there will be a receipt issued to you for your donation to us based on the processed weight of the animals you have donated for tax writeoff.
Our operation is solely run by the two of us right now, with the assistance of a few friends of association only.
To date we have been able to donate just a little over 100,000 lbs.of meat protein to those we serve.
The cost of packaging materials,freezer space and the rate of growth we are experiencing puts a serious slowdown on our progress, but we strive and press on to do more each day.
If you feel the urge to contribute to this wonderful cause, please feel free to make monitary donations to us at the address below, or by using PayPal. Clicking on the links provided below will allow you to purchase packaging materials and seasonings we use. By doing this you too will be another person responsible for...
All contributions are indeed tax deductable and will be greatly appreciated by us as well as the family's whose lives we touch every day.
Thank You and GOD BLESS

Read more about the statistics of our NATIONAL problem here.


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EverRibbon Donations here

These links will redirect you to a new window that shows the products we use in our operation.
Products can be ordered and shipped direct and remember the contributions are tax deductable.
Weston Vacuum Bags

15"x50' rolls

11"x50' rolls

8"x50' rolls

Cabelas Packaging Materials

Sausage Packaging Bags

Ground Meat Packaging Bags

Bulk Sausage Seasoning

Breakfast Sausage Seasoning

Assorted Peppers

Mineral Oil


We feel we have found the least costly and freshest seasonings to go in all the sausages we make.
If there is another place that might have a better deal and better products we would appreciate an e-mail informing us of such so we may consider that particular brand.