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This is where we will let you know what we are doing and where we are going...
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I have been accused of a bunch of things and been accused of wrong doings by a bunch of people, but the fact remains, I still do GODS work for HIM and those people we serve. I am creating my own success story through GOD who does all good things.
It is shameful to me to think yet even imagine the treachery people will go to, to distort, damage, defame and demoralize one another.
 I am not perfect, nor have I ever claimed to be. I have a past as we all do, but my past is not the means by which I live today, nor does it have any bearing what-so-ever on my hopes, dreams and future according to the will of GOD.
 I am just one man who has seen his share of toil and retribution in todays world and suffered the consequences of deception, deceit and accusation at the hands of others.
I walk in the light of JESUS and strive to be nothing more than GOD will allow me to be through JESUS...
Praise HIS name folks and be forever changed by the blood spilled for us by the perfect lamb GOD HIMSELF created.
This is why:


We have just acquired 3 more properties to trap from and 2 more game ranches from which we will have deer and hogs given to us through management programs.
We just finished a 37 deer pick up.
Storage is still available.
Many steaks and roasts were cut from this donation.
As well as many many chubs of ground meat, a staple for most families on a true budget.
Sausage will be prepped, stuffed, smoked and packaged to finish the remaining meat from this magnificent donation.
At this point in the process we have been able to distribute just a little over 100,000 lbs. of meat protein to those we serve and assist to ease the burdon of todays world.
We are now working on more promotions to secure additional funding to build a new building for our operation.
If you feel the urge to assist us with this, please fallow the link below to make a donation and become another one of the...

p-o-r-k-i-e-s Donation Page




We are constantly looking for more donations of hogs as well as deer and other game animals as well as farm raised animals to process and distribute.
We also appreciate volunteer labor to further our cause and reach out to more families like yours.
Come give us a hand and be another one of the...

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